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Department of Chemistry

Science A 229
University of Calgary
2500 University Dr NW
Calgary, AB T2N 1N4 Canada
T. 403.220.5341
F. 403.289.9488

Instrumentation Facility


The Department of Chemistry Instrumentation Facility is located in rooms SB134 & SB132 on the main floor and SB 033, SB 034, SB 038 and SB 040 in the basement floor of the Science B building, room SA 219 in the Science A building, and EEEL 032A.

Name Position
Dr. Michelle Forgeron Manager, Technical Services 403-220-7278 SB134
Johnson Li Technologist 403-220-7926
Michelle Thibault Technologist


Wade White Technologist 403-220-5359


For information on instruments available in the Department of Chemistry Instrumentation Facility, please click here. A brief summary of Mass Spectrometry techniques can be found here.

To inquire about instrument training, rates, and scheduling, contact Michelle Forgeron at

Operator Training

Before a new student, post-doc or researcher uses an instrument, they MUST first attend a proper training session offered by the Instrumentation Facility staff. Training sessions for NMR, EPR, FT-IR and GC-MS are scheduled on a demand basis (either in small groups or one-on-one). Please contact Dr. Michelle Forgeron directly at to inquire about and schedule instrument training sessions.

NMR Booking

Only certified users are permitted to reserve timeslots for NMR instruments. To receive certification, you must first be trained and tested by Michelle. Once certified, NMR timeslots can be booked on all of our NMR systems using the on-line FACES booking system. If you have accessibility issues with your FACES account, please contact Dr. Michelle Forgeron directly at

Please note that:

  • Users can ONLY book time slots within 24 hours of the anticipated usage
  • Users can ONLY book 1 daytime, 1 evening and 1 overnight time slot
  • Users are allowed to delete their own online bookings
  • If a user requires additional NMR time that exceeds his/her booking permissions, Instrumentation Facility staff can override permissions and book additional time for the user.

Analysis Request Forms

NMR User's Guides