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Jerry Commodore Final MSc Presentation (Marriott)

Date & Time:
May 24, 2017 | 9:00 am
SB 324

Title: The Volumetric Properties for selected Impurities in Dense CO2 Phase Destined for Re-Injection

Carbon dioxide (CO2) fluid resulting from natural gas processing and the exhaust of power plants can contain impurities such as H2O, H2S, H2, O2, N2, CO, and SO2 depending on the source and the capture/separation method used. These impurities contained in the CO2 stream can impact the thermodynamic/physical properties and also initiate chemical reactions within the mixture for the transition through the complete fluid range (gas phase to dense phase). Volumetric measurements for impurities in CO2 mixtures is one method for improving the understanding of the compression, transportation and storage processes of these fluids.

To this end, the volumetric influence of H2S, CS2, SO2 and O2 impurities in a dense CO2 phase were studied through high-precision density measurements and the results are presented. Densities of CO2 mixtures were measured using an optically coupled vibrating tube densimeter with an average uncertainty of ± 0.07 kg.m-3 between T = 50 – 125 ºC and up p ≤ 35 MPa. The densities were subsequently used in calculating apparent molar volumes which were then converted to partial molar volumes at infinite dilution. These molar volumes were used in calibrating binary mixing parameters used in both the reference Helmholtz Energy Equations of State and Fluctuation Solution Theory (FST) models. Finally, the optimized mixing parameters from this work were validated by comparison to existing density measurements and/or bubble-dew point data.

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