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Thomas Wang, PhD Candidate (Baumgartner)

Date & Time:
May 23, 2017 | 12:30 pm
SB 324

Title: Enhancing Charge Carrier Mobility in Organic Electronics through Small Molecule Self-Assembly

Organic electronics is nearing maturity. This is evidenced by the litany of commercial product using organic electronic technologies that have appeared in the market in the past year.

Compared to conventional inorganic semiconductors, organic electronics offer many desirable features such as mechanical flexibility, ease of processing and low power consumption. One of the major hurdle in developing organic electronic devices is that charge carriers (electrons and holes) move much more slowly through organic materials. The low charge carrier mobility creates more chances for the charges to recombine or quench during their transport either to or from the electrodes, significantly affecting the efficiency of the device. In most organic materials, charges are transported through ‘hopping’ mechanism. It is very important to make sure that the molecules in the material are aligned properly to enable the most efficient intermolecular charge transfer.

Self-Assembly is just such a method. Through controlling the chemical decoration of a compound, it can be design to align with each other in particular ways in the solid state. By tuning the self-assembly of the molecules, it is possible to control the charge carrier mobility in materials.

In this presentation, I would discuss the development of self-assembled organic electronic materials and their enhanced charge carrier mobility.1,2


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