University of Calgary

CHEM 351

Organic Chemistry I


Upcoming Course Offerings:

FALL 2014- Half Course (3 hours lecture, 1 hour tutorial, 3 hours lab each week).

CHEM 351 F14 - Outline & Syllabus

WINTER 2015- Half Course (3 hours lecture, 1 hour tutorial, 3 hours lab each week). 

Additional Course Information

In any Chemistry course where the student has individual equipment drawers, students are required at the beginning of a course to carefully check the equipment in their personal drawers to make sure that all the equipment is present, that it is clean and that it is in good, usable condition.  This means it should be inspected for cracks etc.  Anything that is broken and unusable at this time will be replaced free of charge. Once check-in has been completed, the students are required to sign a form indicating that they accept responsibility for the equipment until they checkout - we keep the original signed form until the end of the course.  Even students who withdraw early from the course MUST check out of the laboratory.


The Course contact person for FALL 2014 is Dr. Ian Hunt.

The Course contact person for WINTER 2015 is Dr. W Benoit.

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