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The Department of Medical Science graduate program offers the degrees of M.Sc. and Ph.D.  It employs an interdisciplinary approach to graduate education and is only one of seven research programs available to graduate students through the Faculty of Medicine.  Graduate supervision is organized under the geographical context of multidisciplinary groups of clinical and basic science investigators sharing broad research interests.  Rather than studying in a classical discipline such as anatomy or biochemistry, students have the opportunity to become broadly trained in a specific area of research (e.g. physiology, cancer biology etc).  Yet, students also have the opportunity to become sufficiently trained in basic disciplines so that they may be identified as a biochemist or molecular biologist by employers who prefer more discipline oriented labels. 

This is the first graduate training program offered by the Faculty of Medicine and has been in existence for over 25 years.  Graduates of this program have been very successful in obtaining postdoctoral positions leading to faculty positions at top universities in Canada and abroad.  For more information on admission into this program:

Having a faculty member who is willing to supervise you is a requirement for admission. It is recommended that you directly contact faculty members whose research interests you before you make the formal application to the program. A list of supervisors in our program can be found at:





At the University of Calgary postdocs are valued members of our community, and make indispensable contributions to academic research. Our program includes one-of-a-kind funding and fellowship opportunities that enable postdocs to pursue world-changing research. Postdoctoral scholars come to UCalgary with advanced skills and a research perspective developed at other leading institutions. Many come from beyond Canadian borders and enrich the cultural diversity of our campus community. During your tenure as a postdoctoral scholar, you will challenge our faculty to consider new research directions, mentor graduate students, and — because of the time you are able to dedicate to research — can have a significant impact on our shared goals of promoting discovery, creativity and innovation. To find out more about the postdoctoral program click here

To learn more about PDS travel awards and funding opportunities, visit the PIVOT website This database is only available to Postdocs at University of Calgary.

LINDSAY - Virtual Human:

Bringing Virtual Anatomy and Physiology to Life

The Evolutionary & Swarm Design Laboratory is currently developing LINDSAY - Virtual Human, a 3-dimensional, interactive model of male and female anatomy and physiology to be used for medical education. One key characteristic of LINDSAY is the integration of computational models across scales to simulate physiological processes from the body level to the level of organs, tissues, cells, and sub-cellular structures. LINDSAY is a collaborative project between the Faculties of Medicine, Computer Science, and Education. LINDSAY is currently being integrated with distributed virtual learning environments such as Second LIfe and Project Wonderland. Click here for more information about the LINDSAY project.