Welcome to Parenthood - Rockyview General Hospital

Every parent with a newborn baby needs a little help. The Welcome to Parenthood at the Rockyview General Hospital is a study that aims to find out what kind of help new parents find most helpful. For 250 mothers and fathers of babies delivered at Rockyview General Hospital between September and December 2014, we provided a Welcome to Parenthood kit to support their transition to parenthood.

A key piece of this project was to understand what community supports and resources are most helpful useful to parents and how to make these more accessible. Another goal was to improve public awareness of the core story of early brain and biological development.

By providing new parents with a Welcome to Parenthood kit we hope to encourage and support them, provide connections to tangible and emotional supports for early parenting, increase awareness of existing evidence-based community resources and supports, and promote the importance of early relationships to lifelong learning and well-being. If the results of the study are positive, we will explore with our partners how to expand the distribution of the Welcome to Parenthood kit to improve the health and well-being of new parents.

This research was possible with funding from the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative, UpStart of the United Way of Calgary and Area: Champions for Children and Youth, and a number of community partners including Alberta Health Services, Calgary Reads and the Calgary Public Library.


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