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Centre for Bioengineering Research and Education

The Centre for Bioengineering Research and Education (CBRE) delivers the biomedical engineering undergraduate specialization, participates in the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program, facilitates industry interactions, and assists in the overall coordination and promotion of bioengineering research at the University of Calgary. It was created in 2003 through a grant from the Alberta Government and interacts closely with the faculties of medicine, kinesiology, veterinary medicine, engineering, and science.

CBRE Leadership Team

Dr. Kristina Rinker, PhD, PEng  
Director, Centre for Bioengineering Research and Education (CBRE)  
Schulich School of Engineering  
Phone: (403) 210-9733  

Dr. Peter Goldsmith, PhD, PEng 
Associate Director, Undergraduate Programs-Biomedical Engineering Specialization  
Phone: 1-(403)220-7779  

Dr. Mike Kallos  
Director of the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program  




Catherine M. Barrett 
Program Administrator ENE 228D  
Phone: (403) 220-4818


Faculty Members

Carolyn Anglin (CE)-on leave  
John E.A. Bertram (CSM)   
Steve Boyd (Radiology/MME)  
Elena Di Martino (CE)  
Neil Duncan (CE)  
Elise Fear (ECE)  
Salvatore Federico (MME)  
Peter Goldsmith (MME)  
Walter Herzog (KNS/MME/CSM)  
Mike Kallos (CPE)  
Leping Li (MME)  
Derek Lichti (GEO)  
Kartik Murari (ECE)  
Anders Nygren (ECE)  
Michal Okoniewski (ECE)  
Simon Park (MME)  
Bruce Pike (CSM)  
Marc Poulin (CSM)  
Raj Rangayan (ECE)  
Kristina Rinker (CPE)  
Janet Ronsky (MME/KNS/CSM)  
Amir Sanati Nezhad (MME)  
Tannin Schmidt (KNS/MME)  
Arin Sen (CPE)  
Nigel Shrive (CE)  
Naweed Syed (CSM)  
Mark Ungrin (VM)  
Orly Yadid-Pecht (ECE)