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The Auroral Imaging Group is a world leader in the design, development, manufacturing, and operations of instrumentation for observing the aurora.  Below are some of the current instrumentation projects within the AIG.


The FESO instrument is a meridian scanning photometer (MSP) dedicated to measuring proton auroral emissions at 4861Å, sometimes called the H-Beta emission line.  FESO gets its name from this emission line as a initialism of Forty Eight Sixty One. The first FESO is operating at the Athabasca University Geo-Space Observatory (AUGSO) near Athabasca, Alberta. A second FESO is scheduled for deployment in Lucky Lake, SK in the summer/fall of 2015. ..Read More


The redline cameras for the RISR-C project were design and manufactured by AIG.  There are currently seven cameras running in the remote North, with two more scheduled for deployment in the summer/fall of 2015.  The redline cameras are operated as part of the Redline Emission Geospace Observatory (REGO) project, supported by the Canada Foundation for Innovation and the Canadian Space Agency... Read More

Meridian Scanning Photometers

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Satellite Borne UV Imagers

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