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 The Animal Health Unit, under the direction of the Vice-President (Research), works to ensure the ethical and humane use and responsible care of animals in research, teaching, and testing at the University of Calgary in accordance to applicable laws, guidelines, and regulations.

 Please see the University of Calgary's Animal Care and Use Policy for more information on how we ensure the ethical treatment of animals within our facilities.


Institutional Animal User Training Program Click here for information on important changes Institutional Animal User Training Program.

Training Registration Click here to register for any of the animal user training offered by the Animal Health Unit.



To gain access to the entire Animal Health Unit website, please contact Dr. Pat Lauzon, Animal Care Committee Coordinator, at  lauzonp [at] ucalgary [dot] ca or Katie Flynn, SOP Coordinator, at aflynn [at] ucalgary [dot] ca. In your request for access, please include the following information: U of C user name, your Faculty/Department, your job title, your e-mail address, and your phone number. If you are a student, or a post-doc fellow, also include which program you are in, the year of your program, and your supervisor's full name and email address.


Last updated: January, 2014