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The Animal Health Unit

Welcome to the Animal Health Unit, if you do not have access to this website please fill out this form. Once the form is filled out it will be reviewed by the Animal Health Unit and you will receive a notification once access has been granted.

Institutional Animal User Training

The Institutional Animal User Training Program is offered by the Animal Health Unit, and is required for all individuals using animals or animal-derived tissues in research or teaching at the University of Calgary.

Basic Rodent Handling will be held on the first Tuesday and Wednesday of every month.

Rodent Surgery Training will be held during the second week of every month.

Large Animal Surgery will take place every alternate month beginning in January 2015.

For full listing of registration requirements please click here.

Registration Fee: $68.25.


Once you have completed the requirement for a certificate, e-mail to request your certificate. 

Expect 2-3 weeks prior to receive your certificate.

For more information regarding the training program contact Michelle Gillespie, IAUTP Training Program Coordinator, at

Controlled Substance Exemptions

A controlled substance exemption is a document issued by Health Canada authorizing you to possess a specific quantity of a controlled substance to be used solely for the scientific purposes outlined in your approved protocol.  Further information regarding exemption licenses can be found on the Health Canada Website. 

Whether you are ready to submit an application, need an extension,  want to amend your exemption, cancel your exemption or transfer the responsibility of the project, you can click on the box below to be re-directed to the form you will need to fill out. You can also review the "Exemption Guide" for a step-by-step walk through of filling the application out.

Frequently Asked Questions About Exemptions

Do I need a Controlled Substance Exemption?
If your protocol contains any controlled substances, you require a controlled substance exemption. If you are unsure of which substances are controlled, please visit our Controlled Substances page (new link to pdf of substances?).

How Long Will it Take for Me to Receive my Exemption License?
It typically takes between 4 to 6 weeks for Health Canada to issue an Exemption from when they receive your application, but can take as long as 8 weeks during busy periods. 

Do Exemption Licenses Expire?
Yes, Exemptions are only active for one year. Your Exemption period begins on the day Health Canada issues your Exemption authorization letter and ends one year from that date. Controlled substances may not be purchased after the Exemption is expired, regardless of any 'unused' portion remaining on your Exemption. If you have controlled substances remaining in stock when your Exemption is due to expire, you must submit an 'extension' application to use and possess those controlled substances.

Fore more frequently asked questions please click here.

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