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Energizing Eyes High

Thank you alumni for helping shape UCalgary’s energized Eyes High strategy.

Since mid-September, the university community has been sharing input to energize the Eyes High strategy for 2017-2022. This consultation process has wrapped up and now the Energizing Eyes High team is busy analyzing input —including feedback from more than 1,300 alumni who completed the online survey and participated in focus groups.

To keep the Eyes High momentum going, the current strategy will be refined based on input from the campus community, as was done to develop the original Eyes High strategy back in 2011 through Project Next. Feedback was gathered in five key areas: the three foundational pillars of Eyes High (research and scholarship, teaching and learning, and community engagement), plus two additional areas of critical importance: student experience and campus culture.

Total participation in the Energizing Eyes High consultation process was 10,342, more than two and a half times that of Project Next when the original Eyes High strategy was developed.

“I would like to thank everyone who took time to share their ideas on the future of our university during the consultation process this fall,” says President Elizabeth Cannon. “One of the most exciting things about our Eyes High journey is how it’s brought our community together in a shared sense of pride and accomplishment. Achieving this high level of engagement is extremely valuable as we work to draft an energized Eyes High strategy that is driven by input from the university community.”   

The consultation reflects feedback from the broad university community: undergraduate and graduate students; faculty; staff groups including AUPE, MaPS and the senior leadership team; postdoctoral scholars; alumni; Board; Senate; and community leaders.

“Energizing Eyes High is an important milestone towards the university’s vision to become one the country’s top five universities,” says Nuvyn Peters, Vice-President, Development and Alumni Engagement. “With alumni as valued partners in this journey, it’s great to see so many of them offer their counsel and give their time to one of the most valuable forms of alumni engagement – helping to shape the future of the university!”

We value input from our alumni. The feedback you provided during this consultation process will help focus our priorities and impact funding decisions going forward. Once we finish analyzing the consultation feedback, a refined strategic direction will move through Calgary’s governance bodies — the General Faculties Council and the Board of Governors — before it is launched in spring 2017.

“As alumni leaders, you offered unique insights into the university’s community and alumni engagement efforts, and embraced the charge to assist us build tighter connections across our alumni family. So much was shared, including some common themes of creating interdisciplinary approaches in engaging alumni, building more awareness of the great stories emerging from the university, and taking pride in the university’s role in shaping minds and the community,” Peters adds.