UCalgary Alumni Travel Program

Giving you access to world-class travel opportunities with some of UCalgary's leading experts for an educational travel experience of a lifetime. Plus when you book a Travel Study adventure, you're also supporting UCalgary Alumni.

Here's a sample of where we're heading in 2017:

Routes of Spain

Join us to travel through some of the most scenic, beautiful, and historically significant routes in Spain. Come prepared to explore and discover. We start in Madrid, discovering the essence of this vibrant world capital and seat of the 17th century Spanish Empire. Boulevards, plazas, unique shopping, world-class museums and sites, and exquisite wining and dining, make Madrid a magnet for the ambitious, inquisitive, wandering, hungry and thirsty adventurer. 
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Iceland and Scotland

Iceland and Scotland are two of the world’s smallest and feistiest nations. With a Viking heritage, Iceland has thrived in a harsh, isolated environment, cloaked in darkness much of the winter and threatened by volcanic activity. Lately, it has become one of the globe’s hottest tourist destinations for its incredible scenery and its contemporary architecture. Scotland, the country closed off from the rest of the world by Roman emperor Hadrian for being too unruly, continues to be the crusty brother of the British Isles. The land of golf, whisky and kilts, Scotland is a rugged country filled with compelling history and gorgeous scenery. 
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Wildlife Treasures of East Africa

When world travelers think of the natural wonders of Africa, they think of great herds migrating across vast open plains shadowed by hungry predators. This popular image encapsulates the reality of East Africa and the annual wildebeest migration between Tanzania and Kenya. 
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Emperors and Artists: Italy through the Ages

For centuries, Italy has drawn travellers in search of culture and romance. Few countries can compete with its Classical origins, its art, architecture, literary traditions, scenery, or food and wine. Italy evokes splendor, bestowed with a continuously developing history that goes back 3,000 years. It has a rich artistic and cultural legacy with a timeline spanning all major periods from ancient Roman and Etruscan times through Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, the Risorgimento, 20th century and contemporary.  Our trip is designed to familiarize you with Italy’s key historical, cultural and artistic aspects with a special focus on its earliest beginnings in ancient Rome through to the flowering of the Italian Renaissance. 
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Great Cities of the Adriatic: From Dubrovnik to Venice

Great Cities of the Adriatic is an educational travel program that takes us from Dubrovnik to some of the most beautiful locations along the Adriatic coast - Split, Plitvice, Pula, Rovinj and its islands, Venice and Ravenna. Explore these charming towns and cities, tour amazing historical wonders, stroll the museums, galleries and markets. We will enjoy local food and wine, relax on the beach, and admire the unforgettable views of the Adriatic. 
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The Great Bear Rainforest: Spirit Bears, Grizzlies and Ancient Forests

The temperate rainforests are among the richest habitats on Earth; supporting more life than their tropical counterparts. The largest expanse of these ancient forests stretches along the verdant coastline of British Columbia. Migrating salmon and hungry coastal bears go together like popcorn and the movies, and the Great Bear Rainforest is one of the world's best places to witness this primordial drama. 
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Falkland Islands and Southern Andes: Their Wildlife and Scenic Splendour

The Falkland Islands are a cluster of wave-sculpted isles 350 kilometers east of Tierra del Fuego at the southern tip of South America.  Bathed by cold fertile waters, the Falklands are a mecca for nature lovers.  A recent tourism brochure justifiably boasts that the Falkland Islands is a destination “where nature is still in charge”.  One of the most remarkable features of the islands is the inspiring array of wildlife – gargantuan elephant seals, quarrelsome sea lions, unruly penguin colonies, sleek Commerson’s dolphins, and pods of predatory killer whales to name just a few. 
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South India and Sri Lanka

Our study tour of South India and Sri Lanka will cover the Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka, as well as the biggest city of Western India - Mumbai. We will explore the magnificence of rock-cut cave temples, monoliths, forts, and monuments belonging to diverse architectural styles and periods. Special attention will be given to the Hindu and Muslim religions reflecting the history and culture of the region. 
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