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Intramural Sports Suspensions

Rule Infraction Description Minimum Suspension Who
1 Intentional Threatening of Life Life Aggressor
2 Any uncontrollable fits of rage, having to be restrained Life Aggressor
3 Inciting violence among spectators or fans Life Aggressor + Captain


  • Any punches directed at another individual
  • Head Butting
  • Kicking
  • Throwing to the ground
1 Year All individuals involved
5 If received 2 suspensions in two consecutive semesters 1 Year Individual
6 Verbal taunts, insults, or intimidation based on discriminatory grounds 2 Seasons Aggressor
7 Reckless Endangerment 1 Season Aggressor
8 If suspended players are present during scheduled games 1 Season Team
9 Playing ineligible Player 1 Season Team
10 Any indecent or suggestive gestures 1 Season Aggressor
11 No Alcohol permitted at any Intramural Event; before, during, or after 2 Games All individuals involved
12 Intentional elbowing, tripping, body checking, kneeing 2 Games Aggressor

Aggressive or Destructive Behavior

  • Hair pulling
  • Grabbing of face masks
  • Grabbing of Helmets
  • Grabbing of Chin straps
2 Games Aggressor

Verbal Abuse of Staff or Players

  • Insults
  • Aggressive swearing
  • Yelling in their face
2 Games Aggressor + Captain
15 Attempting to play under an assumed name 2 Games Individual
16 Disregard for a decision of the game official or supervisors 1 Game Individual
17 If a team receives a 2 or less in fairplay points for a game 1 Game Captain
18 Game Misconduct in the last 10 minutes of play 1 Game Individual
19 Unsportsmanlike Conduct 1 Game Aggressor

*This suspension chart is to be used as a guideline.  All suspensions are at the discretion of the Intramural Sports Coordinators.

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