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Intramural Sports Rules Policies & Regulations

Intramural Sports’ main objective is to provide quality sports programs for students, staff, alumni and the general public with an emphasis on student participation.

Intramural Sports provides the opportunity to participate in team and individual sports through a variety of leagues and tournaments. The program is operated by Active Living student employees who intend to provide sporting enjoyment to their fellow students. All students are encouraged to participate in intramural activities.

The following objectives have been developed by students to facilitate an enjoyable intramural experience for all participants.

  • To have FUN!
  • To enable participants to play in a variety of different sports in a recreational or competitive atmosphere. 
  • To actively promote sportsmanship and enjoyment of activities. 
  • To provide and maintain a safe environment for all participants and staff. 
  • To provide a venue where participants can meet new people. 
  • To improve programs through feedback and constructive discussion with participants. 
  • To offer employment opportunities to students in several different areas to allow them to develop professional skills and experience.

Intramurals Suspensions Rules

The Intramural Sports program at the University of Calgary uses the scheduling and standings services of Check out esports for all of your leagues games and standings and much more. Schedules are available at league participant clinics, there will be no changes to schedules after participant clinics, except those made by Intramural Sports staff. Teams will be notified of any changes made to schedules.

All teams playing in competitive sport leagues are responsible for verifying their standings. Teams that do not have a fairplay rating of at least 3.75 will not be eligible for playoffs.

Leagues Rules
Ball Hockey            PDF  Docx
Basketball PDF
Dodgeball PDF  Docx
Flag Football PDF  Docx
Futsal PDF Docx
Ice Hockey PDF  Docx
Indoor Soccer PDF  Docx
Outdoor Soccer PDF  Docx
Ultimate PDF Docx
Volleyball PDF  Docx

Policies & Regulations



Register early, as most leagues fill before the registration deadline date. There are no house leagues or predetermined teams at the University of Calgary.  Participants have the opportunity to create their own teams of friends, classmates, etc.  If you do not have enough players to create a team, register as an individual and we will place you on a team with other individuals.


Team registration is available on-line, in person at Kinesiology Client Services or over the phone. If you are registering a team you will need to provide the following: team name and a local phone number of a second contact person (Calgary number), a team name, and any playing preferences, if any. You can pay using cash, debit, or credit card.

Playing preferences can be requested for all leagues, however not all preferences may be honored depending on league structure and other requests. Preferences can be made in person or over the phone.

We will attempt to schedule all teams that request preferences for at least fifty (50) % of their preferences. Playing time requests must be made at the time of registration; they will not be accepted after the registration deadline.

In order to minimize conflicts while registering please refer to the activity descriptions listing the event days and times. Teams are permitted to request when registering the days and times that their team can or can not play. We will attempt to accommodate as many requests as possible, however due to facility restrictions and league dynamics not all preferences can be honored.

Teams that do not make requests for playing preferences may be scheduled at any of the available times. Flexibility is needed from all teams in order to make schedules work.

Once the schedule is complete and has been posted there will be no changes made to the schedule unless made by Intramural Sports Staff.

Teams are not permitted to change their schedule on their own.

The IMS program guarantees the number of games that teams will be scheduled for, but cannot guarantee that these games will be completed due to opponent defaults, facility changes, and/or games lost due to weather. Games that are cancelled after more than thirty (30) minutes of play will be considered played.

Games will not be rescheduled for defaults, we will attempt to reschedule games that are cancelled due to inclement weather, however if the schedule does not allow it, these games will be declared unplayable.

Once you have registered for Intramural Sports you will receive a confirmation that includes where the schedules will be posted, and details for the captains’ meeting. The captains’ meeting is mandatory. Captains/players and individuals that do not attend the meeting will be fined $25.00 and will be removed from the league. No refunds will be given.


All Intramural participants must be listed on the team roster before being eligible to play.

  1. Playing on More Than One (1) Team: A player may play on one team (men’s or women’s), and also play on one team in a mixed division in the same sport. However, a player may not play on more than one team in the same or another division even if they are in different skill levels (eg. Men’s A and B). Hockey players are allowed to play in two divisions but not both A and C.
  2. All players will be required to show photo identification at all games!
  3. Signing In - Each player must be listed (first and last name PRINTED) on the score sheet prior to his or her participation in an intramural game. All names listed on the score sheet will be considered as participating in that game. 
  4. Each player must sign in individually. A representative may not sign in all players on the game sheet. Sign in is required at every game.
  5. Assumed Name: People who participate using an assumed name are ineligible. Teams will be charged with a FORFEIT due to using an ineligible player, and a loss will be recorded in the standings.

Ineligible participants include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Current intercollegiate varsity athletes (participating in the same or similar sport for the current season) 
  • Present or past professional athletes (in the same or similar sport) 
  • Current national team players (in the same or similar sport) 
  • Individuals under 18 years of age and not currently enrolled at the University of Calgary 
  • Suspended and or delinquent participants

All University of Calgary students, staff, faculty, alumni and the general public are welcome to participate in Intramural Sports. The Intramural Sports Program was developed to provide sporting opportunities for University of Calgary students who do not participate in other organized sports on campus, and do not have the benefit of professional coaching, scheduling, equipment and facility use. Some eligibility restrictions are necessary to provide fair opportunities for participation. These restrictions have been developed by students and reflect the philosophy of the Intramural Sports Program at the University of Calgary. Individuals deemed ineligible to participate may seek reconsideration by written petition to the Intramural Sports department. This must be done prior to any further participation. Violation of any eligibility rule will cause a game to be automatically forfeited.


Rosters must be filled out by the team captain (or the person who registered the team) before the league start date (varies from league to league).

This is a simple process that should not take more than 5 minutes of your time. When inputting your roster you only need to know the emails of your players that are associated with their University of Calgary/Active Living ID numbers.

Players that do not have a University of Calgary/Active Living ID number, or who don’t remember their email that is associated with their ID number must have one created/retrieved or updated through Kinesiology Client Services. Client Services can be reached at the following number: 403.220.7749. Once this ID number has been created or email retrieved/updated, and given to the captain, captains can then use this email to add those players their roster. Incomplete rosters will not be accepted. Rosters with false information will also not be accepted. Once players have been added to the roster, they will be required to complete the online waiver.

Team captains may be allowed to make changes to their rosters up to the roster deadline date for their league. After the players meeting, only the league coordinators can make roster changes, through exceptional circumstances. Teams that have not completed their roster will not be permitted to play in the Intramural leagues and will be charged with a default for all games, until the roster is completed.

Teams may be allowed to have up to one varsity player for that specific sport, as long as they are not currently participating in the current season.

Both competitive and recreational leagues are required to complete rosters.

If you team roster is all active University of Calgary students or Active Living members you will be eligible for a rebate at the end of each fall or winter semester.


Waivers must be completed online before participants are eligible to play, and must be done a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours before the first game. A waiver is required for each sport and for each semester.  All players must be on the team roster before they can complete the waiver. Risk Management stipulates that all players must complete the waiver.

Instructions on how to complete the waiver can be found on our website at Paper copies will not be accepted.

No Waiver, No Play, No Exceptions


One of the main objectives of the Intramural Sports department is to provide a safe playing environment to all participants and staff at IMS activities. Institutional resources such as the offices of Risk Management, Safety and Campus Security are used to establish procedures to minimize the inherent risks to participants, spectators and personnel. Such procedures include scheduling, sport rule modifications, trained personnel, player control, and rules knowledge forms and waivers.

The Intramural Sports Program will provide initial emergency care, such as the provision of bandages, ice, or immobilization; to any participant injured during IMS games (notify staff of all injuries). THE INTRAMURAL PROGRAM WILL NOT PROVIDE SERVICES TO PREPARE OR MAINTAIN A PLAYER'S READINESS TO PARTICIPATE. In other words athletic therapy services are not provided. Participants need to bring their own tape, etc. to prepare themselves to play.

  1. All Intramural Sports participants should ensure that they have personal health care coverage and be sure that their medical insurance is adequate and current before participating in any activity. 
  2. It is the responsibility of every person participating in intramural sports to ascertain whether they have any health conditions, which make it inadvisable to participate in that sport. The University and Intramural Sports Program DO NOT assume that responsibility. Persons who are uncertain should consult their physician. 
  3. Intramural staff should be notified of ALL INJURIES sustained during intramural competition. If needed, the participant will be given first aid and referred to their physician and/or the Student Health Service. Emergency services may be dispatched to assess an injury, particularly in the event of head, neck, back and major joint trauma. Cost for ambulance treatment and transportation is the participant’s responsibility. An accident/injury report will be completed for all injuries and a copy will be directed to the University of Calgary safety department.


Team captains serve as the only contact between Intramural Sports and their team(s). Matters affecting the team are communicated to each team captain and in turn they are responsible for conveying the information to the team(s) members. For Intramural Sports purposes the team captain is the person who registers the team to play.

Captain’s (person who registered the team) responsibilities include:

  1. Contact Kinesiology Client Services with any playing preferences and requests prior to the registration deadline of you sport. Requests will not be allowed after the registration deadline.
  2. Ensuring that the team is registered in the desired sport before the deadline date and that all registration information is provided. You will need to provide a second contact with a local phone number, email address and any playing preferences. 
  3. Attend the captains’ meeting; make sure that all waivers and roster has been completed. 
  4. See that all players are aware of all IMS policies and sport rules. 
  5. Be sure that all members of your team meet IMS eligibility requirements. 
  6. Ensure that the online waivers have been completed before your team’s first game. No waiver, No play. 
  7. Ensure that your team has access to the league schedule. League and team schedules can be found at the University of Calgary Intramural sports site on Visit, (search UCIS) for all standings and schedules. 
  8. Assist the IMS program with the recruitment of individuals interested in sports officiating.
  9. Team captains are the only ones allowed to communicate with with the League Coordinators and the Supervisor of Recreational Sports

During competition captain responsibilities include:

  1. Check in with the Intramural staff and official(s) on site before your scheduled game. Verify that players all are eligible to participate. 
  2. Cooperate fully with officials/student & administrative staff regarding enforcement of policies and procedures. 
  3. Provide extra personnel, such as scorekeepers, linesmen when required. 

Maintain control of your team and spectator behavior in terms of conduct, safety and sportsmanship before, during and after your intramural game. You will be held responsible and shall not allow team members to participate if they have been consuming alcohol and/or drugs prior to your contest.

In the event a player and/or spectator are ejected from the game, the captain assumes immediate responsibility for ensuring the player(s)/spectator(s) cooperate and leave the vicinity. The game will not resume until the ejected individual has left.

Notify the IMS Staff of any safety hazards/injuries/concerns regarding equipment, facilities, etc. Please share with your team the intramural policy regarding first aid supplies and the need to prepare yourselves to play.

At the conclusion of your game, sign the score sheet to verify the result and score are correct.


Competition is divided into three divisions: Mens, Womens, & Mixed. In the mixed divisions, men and women participate together and special rules are in effect to equalize competition.

The Intramural Sports Program offers two skill levels of play: competitive and recreational. Each player or team is encouraged to select the level that best suits his or her skill and interest.

"COMPETITIVE" leagues are for players whose skill level is average to above average, and who want to compete in a competitive environment. Competitive leagues have officials, playoffs and standings and are often tiered for different playing abilities.
This system is meant only as a guideline, to assist you in determining the appropriate level of competition for your team.

  • “A” – Players would have advanced skills and knowledge of the rules. They usually would have played in an elite league in high school or within a city league. Teams are highly competitive.
  • “B” – Players would have intermediate skills and a firm knowledge of the rules. They would have played with competitive high school or with city leagues. Teams are still being competitive.
  • “C” – Players are relatively new to the sport – just learning the skills and rules. Emphasis is on fun over competition. Teams want the competitive atmosphere.

"RECREATIONAL" leagues are for players, whose skill level is generally less than average, and are most interested in playing for pure enjoyment and may be new to the sport. THESE LEAGUES ARE GEARED FOR PARTICIPATION, NOT COMPETITION. There are no standings, officials and no playoffs in the recreational leagues.

All sports have a minimum number of players required to be present at the game before the game may start. If minimum numbers are not met, a default will be declared.

  1. Hockey - must have six (6) players to start the game. 
  2. Indoor Soccer - must have four (4) players to start the game. 
  3. Futsal – must have four (4) players to start the game. 
  4. Basketball - must have four (4) players to start the game. 
  5. Volleyball - must have four (4) players to start the game. 
  6. Ball Hockey - must have three (3) players to start the game. 
  7. Flag Football - must have five (5) players to start the game. 
  8. Outdoor Soccer - must have seven (7) players to start the game. 
  9. Indoor Football - must have six (6) players to start the game. 
  10. Ultimate - must have five (5) players to start the game.
  11. Dodgeball – must have five (5) players to start the game. 

Team captains, in conjunction with the opposing captain and the referee(s) may mutually agree upon changes concerning the team starting numbers and alter team requirements with the approval of onsite Intramural staff.

In mixed leagues teams may play with only one (1) players of the opposite gender and the total must meet the league minimum requirement.


  1. Captains are responsible for the actions of his or her team. It is the responsibility of all captains to review all policies and rules with their players. Captains are responsible for completing the roster. 
  2. Any unsportsmanlike conduct by an intramural participant will result in their suspension from that game and possible further suspension. Captains may also be suspended for the actions of their team. 
  3. Deliberate injury or a deliberate attempt to injure an opponent will result in automatic suspension from all intramural activity for at least one (1) year. 
  4. Harassment and verbal abuse of officials, intramural sports (IMS) staff, Campus Recreation staff or other participants will result in ejection from the game. It can also result in up to a lifetime suspension from all intramural sports activities. Striking an official will result in an automatic life suspension from all intramural activities. 
  5. Fighting will result in automatic suspension from all intramural activities for a minimum of one (1) year. Any attempt to instigate an altercation will be considered a fight. 
  6. The involvement of two or more team members in a fight will result in the removal of the team from the league. Individuals involved in a fight will be suspended. All players registered on the game sheet will be suspended from that sport for the current term, and possibly the subsequent term. 
  7. An entire team (consisting of all players registered on the game sheet) may be disqualified from play for the following infractions: 
    1. Harassment of Intramural staff by more than one of its players 
    2. Flagrant unsportsmanlike conduct 
    3. Departing the field of play before the completion of the game. 
    4. Playing with an ineligible player
  8. Alcohol & tobacco products are not permitted in the playing area. This includes dressing rooms, spectator stands and team benches. 
  9. Intramural Staff reserve the right to have a player or team removed from play if he/she deems it necessary, with out further discipline to the player or team.
  10. All participants must show photo identification at all IMS games. 
  11. Ejection from an intramural sports game will result in an automatic one game suspension to be served at the teams’ next game immediately following the ejection.


A default will occur when a team fails to appear or fails to have the minimum number of players necessary to start the game. Teams will have ten (10) minutes (five (5) for ice hockey) after the scheduled start time to field the minimum number of players needed to start the game, failing to do so will result in a default. The captains of the teams involved have the option of agreeing to an alternative solution, providing they obtain Intramural staff approval before the start of the game.

In order to ensure the payment of default bonds, a refundable default bond of sixty ($60) dollars is required at the season opening captains’ meeting. This bond is to be sealed in an envelope (with team name, league, Captain’s name and contact info, and “Default Bond” written on the front) and handed in to the Supervisor of Recreational Sports. Following a default, the defaulting team will forfeit this bond. If the team does not default during the season the bond will be returned to the team/person whose name is on the envelope. If a team defaults twice in a season the team IMS has the right to remove the team from the schedule.

Failure to comply will result in the team being declared ineligible and removed from the league and all players receiving a delinquent status. Bonds will not be returned until the completion of the league including all play-off games. Bonds not picked up after a two (2) month period following the completion of the league (including playoffs) will be forfeited to Intramural Sports.

All defaults will result in a fairplay rating of zero (0).

Individual teams are exempt from the default bond policy and all games will be declared a forfeit in the event they do not have the minimum players show up to the scheduled game.

Teams that give Intramural Sports a minimum of fourty-eight (48) hours notice that they will not be able to field a team will not be charged with a default, the game will be delcared a forfeit.


All appeals and protests must be received immediately through email by the Intramural Sports office following notification of suspension. A one (1) game suspension is not subject to appeal.

  1. Protests concerning eligibility or misapplication of a rule shall be accepted. Protests concerning an official’s judgment shall not be considered. 
  2. Protests concerning a rule application must be made on the field of play to the Intramural staff by the team captain at the time of the occurrence. A decision on the protest will be made at this time. 
  3. Protests will be reviewed by Intramural Sports Council and game results adjusted accordingly.
  4. Protests must be submitted within twenty-four (24) hours from the date of the incident.
  5. Suspension appeals must be submitted within twenty-four (24) hours from the date on the suspension notice. 
  6. Suspended players are allowed to participate during the appeal process. Captains may not appeal on behalf of suspended players.


Number of teams to be included in a league’s playoffs will be determined by league coordinators according to facility availability. Wherever possible fifty (50) % of the teams registered in the league will be included in playoffs. To participate in playoffs teams are required to have a record of five hundred (.500) and a total fair play rating of twenty-eight (28) for eight (8) game leagues (an average of 3.5 per game). At the end of the regular season if a team has an average fair play ranking below 3.5, that team will not be eligible to participate in league playoffs regardless of their position in the standings. All team members are required to play in a minimum of one (1) of their teams regular season games to be able to play in playoffs.

Tie-breaking procedures will follow the following format:

  1. Ultimately to be determined by Intramural Sports Council.
  2. Number of wins 
  3. Head to head record (does not apply when more that two (2) teams are tied) 
  4. Points for/against
  5. Fair play rating


Sportsmanship is a priority. Participation in Intramural sports should be first and foremost a fun experience.

The fairplay program is an integral part of maintaining a safe, fun and enjoyable atmosphere for all involved in Intramural Sports. The fairplay program rewards those teams that compete in a sportsmanlike manner. The program does not allow those teams with a record of poor sportsmanship to participate in league playoffs. Fairplay scores are at the Coordinator’s discretion.

After each game Intramurals staff will rank the fair play of the teams on a scale of zero (0) to five (5), by answering the following question:
"Have the teams significantly contributed to the enjoyment of this game in spirit of sportsmanship and fairplay?"

0 1 2 3 4 5
Player Ejection

The rankings will be done throughout the season and will be tallied as a component of league standings.

Any default or player ejection will result in a fair play automatic rating of zero (0), the later may be adjusted by Intramural sports staff.

It is the goal of this program to make all participants aware of the importance of sportsmanship and fairplay and to make Intramural Sports more enjoyable for all who participate.


Please go to (search UCIS).

Captains are required to validate the standings and report any discrepancies immediately.

There will be no changes made to schedules during the season unless made by the Intramural Sports Council. All teams will be scheduled for the published number of games for that league. Defaults and inclement weather may result in a reduced number of games being played.


A playing fee is required to register for all intramural activities and must be paid at the time the registration is made. The playing fee will be refunded in full if the league, or event is cancelled by the Intramural Sports department. Refunds (minus the administration fee) are available if the withdrawal or transfer is done before the posted registration deadline date for that event. There are no refunds made after the registration deadline has passed. Failure to field a team, show up, failure of opponents to show up, or otherwise dropping out of the league are not acceptable reasons for a refund.

The IMS program will guarantee that your team will be scheduled for a certain amount of games. However we cannot guarantee the number of games a team will play. The IMS program does not refund money to teams who receive byes due to changes during the season because of teams defaulting, dropping out of the league, the loss of games to weather, loss of games to facility changes, etc. All efforts will be made to ensure that all teams play their required games.

All teams are required to pay the non-member team rate at registration. Following the team properly submitting their roster online, those teams that are comprised of all member players (students and active living members) will be refunded for the member team rate. Teams with any players without active memberships will be considered a non-member team. Teams will be contacted by Intramural Sport on how to have the refund processed. Teams that fail to properly submit their roster, or who fail to submit their roster before the roster deadline will be regarded as non-member teams.

Default bonds will be refunded at the conclusion of the season (including playoffs). Teams will need to make arrangements with Supervisor of Recreational Sports to pick up their refund. Teams that fail to retrieve their bond after two (2) months following the conclusion of the league will forfeit their bond to the Intramural Sports program. Bonds will only be released to the player that originally submitted it.

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