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Intramural Sports’ main objective is to provide quality sports programs for students, staff, alumni and the general public with an emphasis on student participation

Intramural Sports provides the opportunity to participate in team and individual sports through a variety of leagues and tournaments. The program is operated by Active Living student employees who intend to provide sporting enjoyment to their fellow students. All students are encouraged to participate in intramural activities.

The following objectives have been developed by students to facilitate an enjoyable intramural experience for all participants.

  • To have FUN!
  • To enable participants to play in a variety of different sports in a recreational or competitive atmosphere. 
  • To actively promote sportsmanship and enjoyment of activities. 
  • To provide and maintain a safe environment for all participants and staff. 
  • To provide a venue where participants can meet new people. 
  • To improve programs through feedback and constructive discussion with participants. 
  • To offer employment opportunities to students in several different areas to allow them to develop professional skills and experience.

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