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University of Calgary Aquatic Centre Special Rentals

Aquatic Centre Group Bookings Rather than offer a traditional swim lesson to our youth rental groups, we offer a “Structured Play” style program. Our certified instructors take participants through a hands-on experience designed to be both fun and educational.

An emphasis is placed on the program remaining active and wet as well as making sure everyone is having fun and participating. We offer a variety of programs, all of which are described in the table below.

Rental Rates start at $235/hr for groups of 30 or less
(half pool + 3 certified instructors)

OR $450/hr for groups of 60 or less
(full 50m pool + 6 certified instructors)

Additional instructors are $60/hr, one additional instructor is required for every 10 people over the minimum for both half and full pool rentals.

Contact the Aquatic Centre at 403-220-6755 or for more information.

Aquatic Centre
Aquatic Centre


Learn a variety of entries through stations covering springboard dives and jumps. Participants will develop coordination and motor control both in and out of the water through diving practice.

Inner Tube

Water Polo

Learn basic water polo skills such as ball handling, passing, catching, and shooting. Water polo is a fantastic activity for developing hand-eye coordination, teamwork, and physical fitness. The use of an inner tube makes the activity accessible for everyone.

Swim Workout

Swimming is an excellent activity for lifelong health and fitness. This session covers topics such as racing starts off of blocks, flip turns, open turns, streamlined push starts, and stroke correction.


Fitness Skills

This session introduces participants to the physical skills required to be a lifeguard. Topics cover rescue skills such as object recovery, eggbeater, and how to use a rescue tube.

Synchronized Swimming

Participants will develop their senses of rhythm and body awareness through the introduction and practice of basic synchronized swimming skills. The session will finish with a small routine and, finally, a show performed to music.

Relay Races

This session introduces a variety of movements through races in the water. Participants will develop both physical fitness and coordination through using kickboards, mats, noodles, and other props in fun relay races.

Deep Water Fitness

These invigorating, impact-free classes work and tone all muscle groups. Participants will develop both their physical fitness and flexibility through these high-energy movements set to music.

Group Games

Join our instructors in a variety of active in-water games, including Water Basketball, Marco Polo, Capture the Flag and more.

Aquatic Centre Sport Clubs

Sport Clubs Interested in booking the pool for your sport club?

Swimming, synchronized swimming, water polo, triathlon and more are all welcome.

Rental rates start at:

  • $15.00/hour for a 25m lane + additional lifeguards as needed
  • $30.00/hour for a 50m lane + additional lifeguards as needed

Contact the Aquatic Centre at 403-220-6755 or for more information.

Mini University Birthday Parties

Lego Camp

Mini University is excited to offer your family three unforgettable Birthday Parties for up to 12 guests! Parties are hosted in Kinesiology classrooms on Saturday and Sunday at 11:30-1:30 or 2:30-4:30. Each party is 2 hours long - 90 minutes will be for playing and 30 minutes will be provided for food, cake and presents. You can bring your own food or you can order food at an additional cost to be delivered by Aramark on campus. You can view their menu here. We recommend that you book your party at least 3-4 weeks in advance.

The cost for the party is only $195 which includes:

  • Adult Supervision so parents have the option to leave and come back
  • Everyone will get a Mini University t-shirt!
  • Decorations which our staff set up 90 minutes before the party begins
  • Disposable food ware including plates, cups, cutlery, tablecloths
  • Items for serving cake including candles, lighter and serving utensil
  • Parking passes for you and your guests for the length of the party
  • A map showing how to get to the room which you can include in your invitations

Choose from three of our themed parties:

LEGO® Builders - This party features fun building challenges to choose from like favourite food/animal, marble maze run or see who can build the tallest tower and then destroy it! Everyone will get to create their own name wall and decorate it to express who they are which makes for a good photo opportunity!

Active Gamers - At this party, guests will play the hottest new motion control games for Xbox One Kinect and Wii U gaming systems. Party guests will also get to play a wide variety of classic and new board games! This party is great for all ages and a good way to get your kids active!

Gym Games - Everyone will get to play a variety of fun games and activities together in one of the gyms on campus. Games will be tailored for your child and facilitated by one of our trained games instructors! Some popular activities include dodgeball, parachute games, floor hockey and soccer.

To book your party, please complete the Mini University Birthday Party Request Form

If you have any questions, please call Evan Smibert at 403.220.5192

Cochrane Gymnastics Birthday Parties

For more information or to book, email

Please print and fill out the informed consent waiver.

Racquet Centre Block Booking Information for Schools and Corporate

To request a block booking:

Active Kids Birthday Parties

Kids climbing the walls?  Let them climb ours instead!  Party-goers defy gravity on the indoor climbing wall like their favourite superheroes.  Qualified instructors and gear included.  Contact the Climbing Coordinator at or (403) 220-3695 to book.

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