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Summer Camps Parents Manual

U of C Summer Camps

U of C Summer Camps Parents Manual

Parent's Manual

  1.    Introduction
  2.    Camp Tips
  3.    Camp Hours
  4.    Withdrawal
  5.    Before Care and After Care
  6.    First Day Check In
  7.    Sign In/Out
  8.    Medication/Allergies
  9.    Online Informed Consents and Medical Forms
  10.    Special Needs
  11.    Camper Conduct
  12.    Parent Conduct
  13.    Late Arrivals and Pick-Ups
  14.    Absent Notification
  15.    Sick Policy
  16.    Rainy Day Pick-Ups
  17.    Accidents and Emergencies
  18.    Staff
  19.    Food
  20.    Box Lunches
  21.    Lost and Found
  22.    Camp Contacts

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Hold onto your hats and get ready for fun and adventure with University of Calgary Summer Camps! The exciting variety we offer can open doors to new skills, first-time experiences and making healthy choices. Carefully tailored to fit with your child’s age and ability, every camp has the goal of setting out a fun and safe environment for kids to learn and play. No matter which camp you choose, the path to fantastic summer memories is just ahead. For updates about our Summer Camps please follow us on Twitter, @UofCcamps.

Camp Tips

Most camps participate in daily physical activity. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for physical activity and wearing weather appropriate attire. It is advised that you pack sunscreen and bug spray for your child. If you child is going swimming on a particular day, please make sure to pack a bathing suit, towel and plastic bag for wet clothing.

Camp Hours

Most camps run between the hours of 8:30am-4:30pm. There are a few camps that vary from these times so please be sure to check your registration confirmation email before the start of the camp.


Most camps allow for a withdrawal or transfer up to two weeks prior to the start date. A full refund minus an administration fee is provided prior to that time. For withdraws after this deadline, we do not provide a refund unless the withdrawal is for a medical or family emergency. Medical circumstances require an official written doctor's note. The refund amount is specific to each camp and may be pro-rated for the time of withdrawal.

Before Care and After Care

Before care and after care is available for most of our camps. Please check your camp registration confirmation email to see if it is available to you.
Please note that there is no before care on the first day of camp.
Please be aware that if you are later than 5:30 pm when picking up your child there will be additional charges.

First-Day Sign-In

On the first day of camp, sign-in will begin at 8:15 am. For the remainder of the week sign-in time will be at 8:30 am. Again, please refer to the start time on your registration confirmation email to ensure you arrive on time. Supervision is not available before 8:15 am. We cannot be responsible for your child until this time. The location of your sign-in can be seen on the map in a link on your registration confirmation email.


If anyone other than you will be picking up your child on any day throughout the week, please inform the staff and make a note with your legal name and signature on the sign-in/out sheet. Please be prepared to show I.D. when picking up your child. Participants can be picked up by siblings of any age or they can sign themselves in and out if the parents allow it and it is in writing. 


Please make staff aware of any medication that your child requires and where it is in their daypacks during first-day sign-in. Bags with medication may be flagged to make it easier for staff to locate the bag when it is needed.

Online Informed Consents and Medical Forms

Every camp requires an online informed consent form, and completed online medical information form. There is an optional photo release form that needs to be signed each year. The informed consent must be filled out for every camp — even if the child is registered in multiple programs over the summer or attended a previous camp. Please double-check that the online medical information form contains accurate medical and emergency contact information. There may be specific directions for your child’s camp, which will be outlined on your confirmation of registration. If you complete the online informed consent and online medical information form three days or less prior to camp, please print them off and bring them with you to the first day of camp. If you require assistance, please phone the Client Services registration line at (403) 220-7749.

Detailed instructions for how to complete the informed consent and medical information form can be found here.

Please be prepared to fill out additional forms specific to your child’s camp on the first day of camp.

Special Needs

Please note that the University of Calgary will attempt to accommodate any campers with special needs. However, the university is not in a position to absorb the additional costs, if any, associated with this accommodation. Any camper requiring accommodation should notify the camp coordinator well in advance with any special needs requests.

Camper Conduct

Campers are expected to behave in a way that makes the whole group feel comfortable and safe. Bullying, vandalism, theft, prejudice, racism, and violence of any sort will not be tolerated. Camps will function on a three-strike policy. The first strike will involve the staff talking to the child and also informing you about the incident. For the second strike, the child will talk to the camp coordinator, who will discuss the matter with you. The third strike will result in dismissal. No refund will be provided to any camper who has been removed from camp due to inappropriate behavior. We understand that from time to time, all children will have a bad day and this will be taken into consideration. Strikes will be given at the staff and the camp coordinators’ discretion.

It is possible that your child may spend time on a computer with Internet access while at camp. The following are considered inappropriate computer use and are violations of our computer policy: accessing pornography, obscene or discriminatory materials; harassing other users; vandalism of accounts and systems; using abusive, vulgar, and other inappropriate language; distributing copyrighted material; creation or publication of explicit material; sharing of individual and/or networked accounts and/or passwords.

Parent Conduct

Our staff seek to provide an excellent experience for your child during their time at camp. If you have an issue that needs to be addressed, feel free to discuss this with the staff in a manner that is appropriate and respectful. Our aim is to exceed your expectations with the programs  that we offer. If you have any  further concerns, please contact the coordinator for your child’s camp.

Late Arrivals and Pick-Ups

Please respect our camp start and end times and keep them in mind when bringing your child to camp or when picking them up.
If you arrive late for camp and there is no one at your regular sign-in location, please go to Kinesiology Client Services (KNA 104) where they will give you further directions. They will call your program coordinator who will meet you there. If you are late we cannot guarantee that your child will be placed in their designated camp as many camps leave campus.

If you are later than 4:30pm when picking up your child, they will be taken to after care in the red gym. If this occurs more than once additional charges will apply.

If you are later than 5:30pm there will be additional charges.
The above information not apply to the Veterinary Medicine Camps as they are off campus.

Absent Notification

If you know in advance that your child will not be attending camp on certain days, please inform the camp staff. If your child will be absent you do not need to contact the coordinator.  

Sick Policy

If your child is sick during camp, we will call you to come and pick them up. If you are not available we will call your emergency contact. If your child is sick please do not send them to camp that day. 

Rainy Day Pick Ups

If it is raining at sign-in/out time, camps will be in the same place as first day sign-in. Please follow our Twitter account (@UofCcamps) for up-to-date information about rainy day sign-in/out. While walking towards your regular sign-in/out location look our for signage. 

Accidents and Emergencies

If necessary staff or coordinators will contact you to notify you of the situation. It is important to complete and update your medical forms — including emergency contacts — prior to starting. 


All staff hold a current first-aid certification. If required, they will also have certifications for any specific activities. Staff will also have a valid police check with a Vulnerable Sector Search and have been trained in our policies and procedures.


Please pack a healthy lunch, two snacks (even if they participate in Box Lunches) and a large water bottle, as your child will be burning a lot of energy every day. Please be sensitive to common allergies that could be present in the group. This is not a peanut-free campus but please be respectful of these allergies. Pizza lunch is only provided for Mini University camps, Mermaid camps, Baby-sitter camps and full day Racquet Camps on the last day (Friday), however please ensure your child has snacks and a drink on that day.

Please note that campers will not have access to vending machines, microwaves or refrigerators.

Box Lunches

Box Lunches are available for purchase through Aramark for certain camps. Please do not order Box Lunches on Field Trip days, or Fridays if your camper is provided with lunch (as noted above). The following camps are eligible for Box lunch purchase: Mini University, Physics Camp, Design Camps, Minds in Motion, Dinos Camps, and Director's Cut. Box Lunches must be ordered at least 24 hours before the requested date.

To order a Box Lunch for your camper, please visit:

Lost and Found

Please label all your child’s possessions, as it is hard to keep track of whose items belong to whom. Avoid bringing electronics like cell phones and iPods. The camp will not be held responsible for any lost or damaged items. It is the child’s responsibility to look after their own items.

The two lost and founds on campus are at Client Services and at MacHall Lost and Found information desk.


Please park in lots #10, 11 and 59 (if available). To access these parking lots take 32nd Avenue NW, and enter on Collegiate Boulevard. Parking passes are attached to your registration confirmation email. Please print the parking pass and display it in your vehicle during sign-in/out times.

Please follow instructions when leaving parking lots.

Camp Contacts

If you need to contact your child during camp hours, please contact the camp coordinator who will get in contact with the staff. Please refrain from calling your child directly. This ensures that staff are aware of any issues. Please note that staffs personal information will be not given to parents.


Contact Name


Phone Number

Aquatics Camps

Vicki Logan


Computer Camps

Loretta Stadnyk

Tala Bateman



Design Camp

Julia Sather


Dinos Camps

Matt Skinn


Director's Cut

Eunice Poon

Minds In Motion

Julia Sather

Meghan Kuppe

Andrew Deitsch


Mini University

Evan Smibert

Dana Stene

Alina Bertolesi


Outdoor Camps

Bridget Mahaffey

Dena Maxwell


Oval Camps

Stacey Polet


Physics Camps

Julia Sather


Racquet Camps

Tina Istace


Veterinary Camps

Mary Gilleard


Other Contacts

Client Services 


Phone: 403.220.7749

Social Media