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Summer Camps Frequently Asked Questions

What time does check-in start on the first day of camp? What if I am late to drop off my child?
What if I am late to pick up my child? Do I need to sign my child in and out each day?
• Do you provide Before and After Care?  Is lunch provided? Is parking included?
• Are camps tax deductible?  Is an Informed Consent & Medical Information Form required? 

Q. What time does check-in start on the first day of camp?

A. Check-in begins at 8:15am on the first day for most camps. Please check your camp registration confirmation to be certain.  We will not be able to check-in your child before that time. For the rest of the week please see your registration confirmation for pick up and drop off times/window as this may vary between camps. 

Q. What if I am late to drop off my child?

A. If you are late, please take your child to Kinesiology Client Services. Client Services will contact the coordinator of your camp and they will have a camp leader come and pick up your child.

Q. What if I am late to pick up my child?

A. Any children not picked up by the end of their camp will be taken to After Care, and can be picked up in the Red Gym.  

Q. Do I need to sign my child in and out each day?

A. Yes. It is important for your child’s safety that you make sure to sign them in and out every day. If another person is going to pick up your child, please inform the leader of this on the first day.  They will take note of anyone else permitted to sign out your child.

Q. Do you provide Before and After Care?

A. Before and After care is available for most of our camps. Check your camp registration confirmation to be certain. There is no Before Care available on the first (Check-in) day of camp. Register by phone (403-220-7749) or in person at Kinesiology Client Services.

Q. Is lunch provided?

A. Please pack your child a nutritious lunch and snacks as they will be active and need to keep fueled! Please note that campers will not be permitted to use vending machines during camp. Box Lunches are available for purchase through Armark for some camps, please check your registration confirmation to find out. Please do not order Box Lunches on Field Trip days, as they are not able to be delivered. To order a Box Lunch for your camper, please visit:

Q. Is parking included?

A. A PDF parking pass will be emailed to you in your course confirmation after registering. The pass is valid in lot 10,11 (59 if available) for 20 minutes when you drop off and pick up your child, for the duration of your camp. Simply print the pass and place it on your dash. A map of appropriate parking locations is attached to your parking pass.

Q. Are camps tax deductible?

A. Yes, the University of Calgary camps qualify as a deductible child-care expense. Many of our active camps also qualify for the Federal Government's Child Fitness Tax Credit, and art camps qualify for the Art Tax Credit. Keep your receipt/registration confirmation to claim on your income tax return.

Q. Is an Informed Consent & Medical Information Form required?

A. All UofC camps and programs require a completed informed consent and medical information form. These forms must be filled out for every camp, even if your child is registered in multiple programs over the summer. You may be asked to complete this form when your register online, or follow the detailed directions that are outlined on your registration confirmation.

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