Community engagement

We believe that great universities and great cities are essential to each other. We're proud of our city, and it's a fundamental component of who we are and what we do.

Partners with our communities

We were created to serve the burgeoning intellectual and research needs of Calgary and the surrounding region, and we remain dedicated to that purpose. We've committed to a broad, two-way engagement with our community, working together to solve everyday challenges and graduating students who have the skills and knowledge to serve the community's needs.

We actively seek out partnership opportunities with community organizations, not-for-profits and other educational institutions. We build on existing relationships, create new associations and endeavor to enhance the university’s role in the community.

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Our community priorities

Involving our surrounding communities

We are a welcoming venue for the exchange of knowledge and for debate, art, culture, sport and recreational opportunities. We reach out to our communities in the spirit of inclusion and meaningful, productive dialogue. We aim to build a two-way connection to the international landscape of ideas, art, science and culture for all life-long learners.

Leadership in city life

Our faculty, staff and students play an active role in civic projects and initiatives. Our downtown campus helps us connect to stakeholder groups in corporate Calgary. We support leadership on community initiatives to cultivate strategic channels of interaction between citizens of Calgary and our university.

Community pride

We cultivate a positive internal dialogue between our students, faculty and staff. We actively connect with our community on the research and learning advances we make. We encourage public dialogue about the university to generate pride, both in our internal and external communities.


We leverage Calgary pride and opportunity as a strategy to bridge the gap between alumni who live close and those who don’t, and foster a lifelong relationship and pride among alumni at home and around the globe.

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Continuing Education

Through Continuing Education, we provide high-quality educational opportunities to lifelong learners — each year serving more than 20,000 adult learners and offering more than one thousand courses taught by hundreds of instructors — all experts in their fields.

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Active Living

Through our Active Living program, the Faculty of Kinesiology offers programs, services and facilities that promote healthy, active lifestyles for children, youth and adults. Programs range from gymnastics and skating to weight loss and lifestyle change.

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Summer camps

We offer more than 70 diverse and unique programs designed with your kids in mind. From sports to science, the arts to the great outdoors, we have a summer camp for everyone. Our summer camps are the perfect way to introduce your child to the university experience. From varsity coaches to student teachers, our instructors love what they do.

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Olympic Oval

Home to the fastest ice in the world, the Olympic Oval at UCalgary is a world-class speed skating and high-performance sport facility that is open to both elite athletes and the general public.

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Our events range from dance, music and theatre performances by our students to presentations of research findings that have a direct impact on our community. The majority of our events are open to the public.

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Transformative philanthropy

Consider investing in the next generation and see the change you can make. Your support fuels research, teaching and learning, and community connections that can change the world.

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